The results of wearing the most uncomfortable bra I own.

July! The month were the house starts to kill me in the manner of a slow cook oven.My space is constantly stuffy. Even with the windows open and the fans going. Heat rashes adorn my hand and feet like awful henna designs.
It’s been hard to sleep. 
It’s been hard to not get depressed.
It’s been hard to concentrate. 
Fortunately, I won’t be stuck in here for the whole  summer! At the end of this month there is a trip to Mexico City lined up. It’s part work related, part mental health booster.
I am happy to get out. I would be thrilled to get out except there is as yet a pandemic drifting through the air. Still drifting through the air. Mutating as it goes.
Sure, sure I got my vaccine, but there is a little fact that keeps slipping people’s minds: VACCINES ARE NOT A CURE ALL. I can still get sick even if I have been vaccinated. My CHANCES of not getting sick are improved. 
It’s like that cancer that I had in 2017. (Remember that time when I had cancer?) The CHANCES of it not being something really nasty are very high, but I how would I know what my personal chances are? There is no test to make such a determination. That’s why I went through with putting a sizable hole my chest that resulted in a sizable scar. 
You don’t have to scar your body to increase your chances of not coming down with COVID-19. You don’t even need to take the vaccine (which is not being forced into your body by some scary doctor-man, by the way). Eat well, stay clean, stay away, and wear a mask. It doesn’t seem like that was ever a lot to ask. 
But from what I have seen… far too many people are so mindless and careless and so self-righteous… It was way to much to ask. If people can’t follow basic health and safety measures I don’t understand how the hell they are going to travel in space let colonize places with alien and quite hostile environments wherein you will have to wear protective gear a whole heck of a lot.
More complaint has been made about mask wearing than I’ve heard women complain about bra wearing! At the end of the day even the most comfortable bra I own annoys me. 
But I have to wear a bra, right? It’s not “proper” if I don’t, right? And I don’t wear bras for my sake. I don’t have large breasts. What need do I have to wear this garment?I wear bras for the sake of “society.” For the sake of my fellow “-men.” 
Which, as it turns out, is same reason anyone should wear a proper mask during times when an airborne disease is passing through multiple populations. So you don’t get all hot and bothered with a certain fever and become a useless burden to everyone around you with your sweaty moaning and groaning. 
AM I RIGHT?! {😏}
And you know what? I really don’t care if I can’t see your face- or if you can’t see mine. For me, mask wearing has been a such a mental relief. Wearing a mask mutes the smells of the street, it block some of the dust kicked up by the endless traffic; and it works as a sunscreen. What, oh what, is not to like?
If you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s invisible dangerous radiation that may or may not damage your optic nerves, then what is wrong with a mask to filter your airways when there may or may not be crap in the air? Do tell, do tell.
I didn’t exactly want to go off on a thing about “face panties”
– which you change and or wash daily- RIGHT?!  
Yet there I went talking about “face panties.”
 (Are you cringing yet? Should I say it again?)
But, wait, hey, I’m going to Mexico City! 
I need the change of scenery. 

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