people getting limpias near templo mayor in Mexico City

I went off to and came back from Mexico City without much of any fanfare. 
You didn’t notice, did you?

I thought I could just tag along on for a music event. Just slip away for a bit. Because what urgent things rest on my aching neck?

More than I thought… 

It was supposed to be a little vacation for me; a little time away. But when I came back from wandering through the green and previously earthquake shaken streets of Mexico City, I was hit with a suddenly urgent to-do list. After a month of suspended animation I was called into all this action. So the supposed rest and relaxation I accrued went straight out the window. 

Between the things I am trying to do for myself, preparation for a big show coming up, and actual paying work- oh and my health issues, I am no blissful, carefree specimen over here.

Yeah so, my health remains questionable. I after all I have been through, I developed a ‘silent’ tooth infection. There was no pain because I had had a root canal done, but I was feeling terrible for weeks. And I didn’t know exactly why. How could I know when I’ve been feeling terrible for months?! I just thought it might have been something like a flare up of symptoms from my stomach infection.

The tooth was removed to get the infection out. 

The saga went on though.

August has had me knowingly exposed to COVID. I became worried when I started coming down with something. Something that thankfully turned out to be a cold. I got a hit of the germs from all the people coming back out of seclusion. And some COVID too. But hey, no fever, no linger cough for months- just a lot of snot stuck in my throat for weeks.

Because my vaccine shot worked for me. 

I look ahead to a week in New York through this veil of uncertain health. It is happening. I am going to go to New York. The plane tickets have been bought. There is a room reserved.

However, my travel plans haven’t been widely broadcast out because- *deep breath* –

I don’t want to visit anyone. 

I want to just hide away in the city. I am not ready for… people. COVID isn’t over and I’ve been sick for eight months straight with all manner of infections.

Please don’t think poorly of me for this seeming rudeness. It is a matter of mental health. 

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