Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) FINALIST!

A Home for the Brave selected!

I am extremely pleased to announced that the animated short, A Home for the Brave, created by Hugo Crosthwaite and edited by yours truly made it to the FICM finalists list! We are a couple of super happy people right now!

Check out the link below to see the full selection list.


Power Ts 2020 Fundraiser @ Pierogi

Pierogi gallery in NYC is fundraising for Swing Left and I’m participating this year with it’s Power Ts! Because I too am a power T.

Choose from an interesting array of images that have been submitted to be printed on a Tote, T-shirt or mask. The amount you pay for the item you select goes toward inching the US out this, uh, how shall we put it, incredibly embarrassing time it’s been having.


Pandemic / Pan… Demonium

Lock down? Pandemic? Meh. Artist art anyway!

While I’m not as productive as I would like- wrestling and/or having tea with your inner demons does take time out of one’s day- I still do do the art things I do.

I mean, look: @asereht_tm (lolz) @mrmzther (glitch aesthetics) @hugocrosthwaite (quarantine videos)

But while the arting continues, my income is rather shoddy. And since I know you believe in me and what I am doing, and I know you don’t want to me spending all my time with my inner demons, you can help me out. Shoot me a couple of bucks once in while. (Wow! Clearly NOT vegan metaphorical slang!)

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Here’s what you can actually do:

0 Don’t shoot bucks.

1 Visit my ko-fi page by clicking the giant button link above. Or click the same button at the bottom of the page.

2 Check out my low grade lock down performances and quirky photoshop art. Wonder about it; laugh at it; cringe at it. Whatever.

3 Buy me a coffee. Or as many as you like!

I’m currently raising funds for improved/better equipment with which to create and edit digital media. Eventually, I want to get a sewing machine, too! But one thing at a time, right? Can’t be greedy, right?

Thanks for reading. Thanks for checking out the links. Thanks for supporting weird artists.

Coffee at the Ranch

I was invited to a cook out on Wednesday- yesterday at a little ranch up the road.

I social distanced in the shade of actual trees with other humans, sheep, goats, horses, a mismatched pack of dogs, chickens, turkeys, peacocks…  I really wasn’t expecting this kind of place just off the main road, but there it was.  

A lively young woman told this story in rapid, giddy Spanish that struck me square in the Absurd.

The story was about this cup of coffee that just would not taste right.

The woman had made her coffee and was dressing it up with her usual amount of sugar. She drank some, but it tasted wrong; still bitter. So she added more sugar. Tried it again. The coffee was still not to her liking, so she kept trying to make it taste better. She only gave up when another family member came and explained the reason for the coffee’s bad taste. She had not been adding sugar after all! It had been powdered snake! She had drunk at least a third of her coffee with polvo de la vibora

Now, why would this God fearing family have such an item in the house to begin with? I didn’t ask. I didn’t need to. Given that I was on a ranch in Mexico, I knew that the people here would probably retain some folk medicine traditions. (Powdered snake is an unproven cancer treatment.)

Having grown up in the Northeastern USA, I don’t think very many people in that region would even consider having snake powder in their kitchens; not labeled clearly enough to not be mistaken for sugar. 

I laughed. The story would make a good bit in a comedy sketch.