The Tiger is Waiting

January. New western year.  Same shit. Sick once more. I am writing post fever while still gritting though blooms of joint and muscle pain erupting everywhere in  my body. Thanks to all non-compliant, reproachable, selfish, doorknob lickers out there, I most likely have contracted COVID-19-omicron. And I get a bonus extra special prize! I’m having […]

A Benediction Of Sorts

May you all have the means of maintaining a pleasant homeostasis within your corporeal being.  May compassion, empathy, wisdom, and grace not elude you.  May you find and create more positive feedback loops.  Happy holidays and happy New Year! 

More Travel for Work

First, the good news: Human and I went to the nation’s capital, not to engage with the swaths of costumed merry-making students over-running the streets, but to find out more information about another video portrait. I cannot talk even talk about it yet. Things are super exciting and we haven’t even started! We are already […]