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Lock down? Pandemic? Meh. Artist art anyway! While I’m not as productive as I would like- wrestling and/or having tea with your inner demons does take time out of one’s day- I still do do the art things I do. I mean, look: @asereht_tm (lolz) @mrmzther (glitch aesthetics) @hugocrosthwaite (quarantine videos) But while the arting […]

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Coffee at the Ranch

I was invited to a cook out on Wednesday- yesterday at a little ranch up the road. I social distanced in the shade of actual trees with other humans, sheep, goats, horses, a mismatched pack of dogs, chickens, turkeys, peacocks…  I really wasn’t expecting this kind of place just off the main road, but there […]

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Birthday Deathday

June 14th would have been Ko Murobushi‘s birthday. June 18th will be the 5th anniversary of his death. He was one of my butoh teachers.Last year I wrote some words for his birthday, but did not publish them at that time. I reworked them now into something better than before; maybe. The words are not adequate, […]

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