test results are in – one in a million, kid

Ask me what I did in 2017. I can tell you that I got a big raise. I can say I was on international TV. I took trips to New Orleans and Montreal, Canada. I spent some time in L.A. I performed on stages. I made stop motion videos shown in an art gallery… I can also […]

A Silence Time

What? It’s a new year? Twice over now? No. You can’t fool me with that talk. There’s nothing new about this year. It is decidedly a continuation of the last one- which was, in fact, a new year; though I won’t trouble you with an explanation of how time does not move the way you […]

A childish wish.

Dear Cable Networks,My name is Theresa. I would like to be on television. I would like to have my own show on television.It would make me happy to have a show because then I would have the care and kind attentions of all the people I love that I have lost to the television shows.  […]