san miguel adventure fun time part six of six-

 para concluir

I have no brain power any more today so I’m going to finish up this bloglet listicle style.


Here are some random final thoughts, random images, and a few places worth checking out if you are ever in the neighborhood.

  • San Miguel is a tourist trap you WANT to be in! It is a fantastic, safe place to visit in Mexico. Coming from a much rougher part of the country, I can’t find big negative things to say. Some have tried. They come off as incredibly spoiled.
  • At times the level of hospitality made me want to cry. We stopped into the hotel next door to check out their cafe/bakery situation. We sat up on the roof and our server would walk up several flights of stairs every 20(?) minutes to see if we needed anything!  
  • Travel light. Passport cards alone seem acceptable for domestic fights, but don’t press your luck.
  • If you travel in the summer, be prepared for all the sun and some rain. 
  • I cannot stress enough that you wear comfortable shoes. It’s even better if they are an all weather variety. 
  • Tipping is expected. Keep some extra pesos handy.
  • Eventually you will want to get a Lele / Maria doll. It’s inevitable. It’s not a sign of weakness if you give in and get one. They are everywhere and their cuteness is nearly impossible to resist. I was sorely tempted to add to my plushie tribe. 

Here is a list of places I recommend- in no particular order:

  • CASALUNA Hotel Boutique- If you are looking for a “romantic” place to stay this is it! Our room wasn’t 100% flawless, but for the price and the location it was perfect. 
  • Aurora Fabrica – Had no idea there would be so much art in one complex! Worth a look! There are a couple of places to refuel yourself with food and drink on the premises and enough places to sit down.
  • Don Taco Tequila – Vegan Mexican food? Yes please! Ate here on several occasions. Everything was good. Didn’t get to try the mixed drinks. Overheard some extremely curious conversations.
  • Parque Bentio Juarez – Shade, wedding parties, art vendor, flowers, music, people of all ages playing games… what is not to like?
  • Soltribe- Vegan joint. Very into the mushroom trend. Excellent food. Excellent drinks. If you need an incentive to have your fruits and veggies, follow their example: just throw them in a blender and add a spirit.
  • Cafe Umaran – A small place with good atmosphere; great coffee and the berry almond salad is delish. 
  • Botica de Santa Teresita- a functioning apothecary since 1852! 
  • La Esquina Toy Museum- This place is a GEM! The collection of Mexican toys in this building is not just a bunch of kiddie play things. It’s ART. It’s delightful and creepy, crazy imaginative, wildly inspiring. I wish I could have spent much more time in there. 

Did you enjoy reading about my San Miguel de Allende adventure time?

Mil gracias for following along.

I hope to write more of these bloglets in the future. 

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