September became October. October slipped away from me completely. I was aware of it going. The days refused to match up with the numbers assigned to them. The clocks changed.

My focus was on the next moment. And the next moment. Maybe the next day I’ll feel better. Maybe the next day I’ll get to be a person. 

I should share more. That is what a blog is for. 

TMI! Over-sharing!

But what is the use of trying to explain? 

If you aren’t in and out of neuropathic hellholes, if you have never been in one, then you will not relate. You haven’t the capability. I don’t expect you would even try to imagine it.

I can say this- Not all my days are bad days, but all of my days are not fully functional ones.

While I go on wrestling with vastly decreased sense of self-worth, here is a clip to watch. It is part of some video art about my DFSP cancer I have been working on- 

Ask me questions about the clip. 

Check in with me.

Help me keep on going. 

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