muñeco numero uno

It is another Holiday in Mexico! Yay! This gave me the perfect excuse to take a bit of work break and make my version of hot chocolate for Three Kings Day. It turned out ok, so-so. Good enough. I needed to spend more time with it at the stove.
I have not tried to bake one of these fruity ring cakes roscas though- I’m sure my effort would be somehow sacrilegious (or some such) and no one would eat it; especially if I made it vegan; or worst still – raw. *gasp.faint*
Human and I picked out rosca last night from a pricier place, hoping quality would show for the price. We were not disappointed! My stomach will get over the insult. I have lit incense to not offend any noses- even my own. SHEESH!

Oh, yes, let me take a moment to re-enlighten the masses: Christians are still in the Christmas season- it is a whole season not just one day or so. And because I am sure all the Capitalism of the world has made you forget, I will remind you that this blessed season begins Christmas Eve not on “Black Friday.” The season doesn’t end just because every kid is running around spoiled with their new toys and suddenly dreading going back to school. Let us not forget the real traditions that actually have significance, people.

the jesus twins

I don’t know exactly what it means, but this time I have cut two pieces of rosca that contain baby Jesus figurines. My baby Jesus collection is up to three, counting the one from last year. I am aware that I have to throw a party at Candlemas, Feb. 2nd, with tamales and whatnot, but is there something else to it? They all tell me no, not really, but I wonder…  There is so much subtlety that you just don’t know when you are the outsider to a culture. There is so much unsaid that cannot be explained with words… I  hope this is a kind of fortune thing that I can turn into good luck, rather than a weighty feeling of obligation that most people seem to try avoiding.
So who wants tamales? I’m buying!! Again!

three wise men squared, fruitcake repeated

Update- festivities continue two days later:
An orange cranberry brick landed on the kitchen counter;
with some bangles and books and the new CD from Black Sea Hotel
Thank you Pierette & Gigi – and Brook as well!

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