The other evening I picked up some canned Flor de Calabaza. 

Yeah, that would be a can of salt water and squash blossoms. This was my first time eating the flower and I am left asking why flowers aren’t in everyone’s diet – all. the. time. Sure, saltwater logged flowers lack the grandeur of the fresh variety, but looks have little to do with taste buds.

For a simple, light dinner, I put together: avocado, olive oil, basil, epazote, and flor de calabaza on a right out of the oven bolillo (roll).

Human beings of other lands who have not eaten this “exotic” foodstuff, I declare unto you a word-


Suck it, Georgia O’Keefe. 

I ate this food and had a mini revelation through flavor. {One never knows when those nettlesome revelations will strike!} It was more than, “oh this is really tasty and I want to keep eating it.’  Through my sense of taste, I found a further understanding of Mexico, the people, the further south, in way I cannot put words to. I was so satisfied by the meal I didn’t want any kind of dessert afterward. 


On another note.
I will be celebrating 5 years with my Human this weekend. We are going to be very mature about it: A nice dinner, maybe with some wine, a couple of hours rollerskating and then go a theater to see 47 Ronin… Hm. You know what. Screw the maturity levels.

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