Champiñones con ajo

Our plan for Sunday was a giddy success.

Because Cafe De La Flor still has the best mushroom dish in all of anywhere around (and that Italian panini thing isn’t so bad either), we shrugged off the brunching yuppie families and fresas to have our menu favorites at the cafe before walking over to “Jabba’s Palace”- more commonly known as Plaza Rio; an even bigger hive of yuppies and fresas.
This was where we got our skate on. I thought I had not been on roller skates in a while but when Human figured he hadn’t been skating in a Christ’s lifetime, my crazy idea seemed even more perfect. The Oh-Zone was writhing with children. The music was blasting. It was all so familiar to experiences in my youth.

Giggling behind my knees. 

I was going to chicken out of getting skates and ask for blades instead, but the man behind the shoe counter plunked down a hideous octet of wheels before I could say anything. Choice made. Roller skates it is. I was going to relearn the old wheel configuration.

Human got the same. We laced up and tentatively rolled on the carpet to the rink. 
I took it slow and discovered that my physical training at CAVE applied itself. Not once did I fall down. Human needed heaps more practice and went down about four times. He even strained something in his shoulder after one tumble. It was a miracle nothing worse came about! We are old after all. With ear plug sticking out of my head, my falling was into a happy, alert, relaxed, trancy mode that kept me from taking my skates and beating all the kids who weren’t following the flow of traffic or were just being show-off pricks. I didn’t care how old they were, it would have been blood sport roller derby. 

Ready. Steady?
Two hours later we stumbled out of there to recover at Starbucks. Egh. I know. They are in Mexico as well. We killed time sketching. Until! Movie time! Originally, we were set on watching 47 Ronin. It, however, was not playing at at that hour. What to do? Plan B. Robocop. I went in expecting anything and enjoyed the remake for the most part. The gun battles bored me, actually.. At one point we had to liven things up by pantomiming game controlled in our hands: A, B, A, C, A, B, B. {Lots of brownie points if you know that reference.} 

After the movie we walked about two miles back to the taxis that would take us to Rosarito. We resisted the urge to stop in for a nightcap- or tacos. For 10pm would easily turn into 1am and more mischief would be afoot in the dark in the small hours….
Además de yo puedo hacer una bebida muy buena en el hogar. {Ah! Ha! My Spanish learning game learned me sumthin’!} Porque tenemos el agua con sabor, vino tinto (en caja) y Controy. Controy es una liquor de naranja muy similar al Cointreau pero Mexicano. Más barato. 
{And Google translate does sorta help…}

From standing to falling. 
Tambien! Tenemos hierbas frescas. Pongo estas en la bebida para muy rica sabor. Now I’m just being unfair. No es justo.. Yeah, yeah.. I just got a bit excited about my brain suddenly wanting to apply some of it’s learningz. I’ll rope it in.  
Anyway, we got home before the pumpkining hour, safe and sound. And I did make a mixed drink. Sleep was not far behind. A whole work week awaits!

So, five years. How about that?! Brumply years: bumpy and rumpled. Most of the rough spots being my troubles; I’ll own up to it. My Human is a human. Those beings just aren’t as complicated as Shapeshifters. But we are figuring things out. Making little improvements… Poco a poco.  
And. Ahem. Do NOT ask when we are going to get married. Just don’t. God’s own selves is not pressuring me about it. So don’t you try. 

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