de mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est

José Emilio Pacheco, famous Mexican poet dies January 26. The cause – cardiorespiratory arrest. He had been hospitalized on Saturday after falling and hitting his head.

Last night I briefly attended a wake for the sister of the cousin (Pancho) who lives next door. I left before it got too late. That means I left before the family priest said a few words and  the arrival of the mariachis. I just cannot be a tourist during these times. I was not even going to go except, I kinda know Pancho felt that it would be appropriate to show him some support.  His sister’s death was very sudden- a double tragedy for the family. It follows quickly after the death of her father who passed in December. All she did was fall, hit her head just so, and… embolism/edema and that was it. Age and alcohol were a factor, but wow. How all it can take is one knock in the right place and everything goes sdfjkgber.

Then the famous actor death pops up on all the feeds attempting to eclipse a single post from a New York friend that his mother died…

Did you see my last post!?

Hiya Death! ¿Qué pasa?


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