That it happened at all = a success.

To all the gaming/ comic book/ sci-fi/ fantasy/ cartoon/ graphic novel/ anime/ BRONY(!)/ conventions with corporate sponsors, ‘famous people’ appearances, press agencies, advertising campaigns and spending budgets well over the few pesos that these young people have- I say-  SUCK IT. The success of this little convention was that it happened at all: not the […]

Chinese New Year – More curious than usual

Intermittent rain. Endless chill. Self-portrait. Well, no wonder I’s been grumpy for these passed few days! I lost the battle with the relentless ‘cool’ and now have the start of a sinus infection. Extra internal fighting makes one tetchier than usual. When that oddly named blizzard dumped all that snow, I was miserable to the bone- like give me a dreamy […]