The happiest set of cacti you will ever see- tm
One of the first things to unpack when I was off the plane were my hearty, armata travel companions. I let them breathe a bit in San Diego and once I was in Rosarito gave them pots of their own and nice black dirt to squirm their root into. They weren’t the clay pots I hoped for, but I don’t think they mind in the least. They are happy for the sunshine, good soil and safety.
I take my care of these hispid guys kinda seriously- as I did make the choice to take them out of their natural environment in Arizona and cart them ‘all over the place’ with me. They were the best souvenir of the Grand Canyon I could think of keeping.  
If you don’t know plants whatsoever, I suggest getting a cactus. They don’t need much and can put up with a lot of crap- -like being wrapped up in dirt and plastic, shoved into suitcases which go through the airport luggage grinders and get put in cargo holds of planes that fly 37 thousand feet in the air. 
The way of the Cactus- a truly American plant:
All you have to do is just stand there and be a real prick. 

With some watering and a little attention every once in a while, a cactus can thrive just about anywhere. They are easier and cheaper on all counts to care for than a cat or even lizard. And, I still feel that you can learn quit a bit from them if you are or become sensitive enough. 

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