miel es dulce
 pero un arce no es una abeja

Ruler of the back garden.

 A walk down the boulevard suddenly became lunch at this sweet, nay romantic place called La Casa del Desayuno. The plan was to take a walking break and have coffee, but Hugo felt it would be more polite to order food. This is how we met this scavenger, beggar in the garden- who I named Pseudo Miel because the server gave me maple syrup instead of honey and afterward I learned that you have to be specific which one you want; as miel is short for both kinds of viscus sweeteners.
I was actually finding myself almost falling for the little scrapper. It was bold went it had to be and desirous of a friendly hand instead of being kicked away all the time. Our server invited us to take the cat, but it belonged to the neighbor and I don’t think the dogs at the house would take kindly to a new creature around- especially one that isn’t a dog.
I will visit La Casa again and maybe see this little guy begging… throw an egg bit or two down…

Ick. Don’t climb on me. I don’t know where you have been. -tm

Still wanting mas huevos.

The romantic chaos of a garden!

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