Spring break had been threatening to drag me off (oh twist my arm) into a realm of vacation – before my vacation. Bob Marley was even there to wake me up at 7:30 every morning… I hate you now Bob… The sense of holiday led my Human and I to do a bit more local exploring that usual. We visited the ruins of some tourist resort. I was happy to discover it has been ‘maintained’ by the youths and vagrants. It’s goldmine of grungy street art! See: images that did not do justice to the place.
On a different day, we ventured into a mysterious restaurant on the main boulevard where we found tepache and cricket tacos on the menu. This kept us away from the lower brow traffic jam of a tequila festival happening up that same road. Yes, I did eat a couple of crickets. The texture is not weird at all and think something along the lines of sunflower seeds for the flavor… I wanted to ask the chef where he got his supply of crickets and how he prepares them. I have crickets that keep showing up in my office space that try to play the guitar by jumping on and off of it’s strings. I think they would cook better than they play…



Holy old man Moses on his mountain!


WE are going to take a vacation! I have solo travelled here and there for different things, but none of it had been time for de-stressing. I only felt guilty for leaving things in the middle something or mostly just felt utterly freaked out. (You all know I ‘enjoy’ the faulty wiring that is prone to panic attacks, right?) And the Human hasn’t been on a vacation in years, himself. He’s been throwing himself into projects hoping for breaks that never come. We are worn down. I have been saying this for years… Well now, NOW! I am counting down the days with modest enthusiasm. Madrid, Spain here we come! This time I am planning to not have stupid little things nagging me into immobility. I only want to be dealing with travel hassles. Not work, plus life, plus travel hassles. I want to think about the bus ride to Toledo, rolling my eyes as drunk people vomit on the curb, keeping an eye out for thieves, trying to write everything down… those sorts of things. My plan was not to stay in this southern California and I intend to stick to my plan; because my heart knows it will make me better-er to keep going. Funds or no funds. 

This is the wind learning that I have in me

The sea learning-
I have to keep moving
If I am held in a net, in a gaze
in the drain catches of the mind
if for even a moment made still
I become the fool

if I stop there will I die
I must walk on by and not linger
I must not be seen clearly
Only out of the corner of the eye perceived
This is the wind learning that I have in me
The sea learning…

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