{i win all of art}

I’m on the mother continent with an 11 dollar Mexican haircut. I have to punch (uh, pinch – thank you very much autocorrect bot) myself. Three days into my trip and though my feet are killing me I can’t seem to stop walking up and down all these streets! There are more cafes here that taco shops in Tijuana! How is this possible?!

I know we are in the tourist parts of town, but man, just about everywhere you look you will see at least a dozen people effortlessly put together. So then why are so many people staring my way? I did not expect this in a capital city in Europe. I thought I would be politely ignored. Aren’t there like 50 other more gorgeous people right over there? Aren’t there 50 other better dressed people? Do I have a rabid weasel in my teeth? Is pus oozing from sores on my nose? This prompted Human and I to have a laugh and give ourselves new nicknames. Don Nadie and Doña Famosa. Hugo got the idea from being addressed at the front desk, in all seriousness, as Don; something he’d never experienced before.

It’s relatively quiet in our 4 star joint. Yep, 4 star for less than 100 a night. A splurge still to stay at even a business hotel, but so very worth it. We can see what Spanish TV is like, have internet access and our own bathroom!

{hot water on sore muscles}

I have made it a mission to take a bath every evening while I have the opportunity. The water… Oh the water! It has been so long since I have not been afraid of the water out of the tap! Civilization is the ability to submerge yourself in clean fresh water; it is being able to obtain free, potable water from every public park (and many plazas). After tasting the water from Parque Retiro, I was no longer worried about having to waste vast amounts of money on hydration. I don’t know what they do to the water in the United States (do I even want to know?!), but everywhere I have been it tastes funny. I was thinking Madrid water might be as bad as it is in Phoenix, Arizona and that is why the beer is so cheap! but, no. Oh no. They have great cheap beer (the local stuff is Mahouand clean water to boot!

{monty python taught me the word ‘bidet’}

Though just about everything is photo worthy I have not been snapping many images. For some odd reason I am not inclined to play over-awed tourist. I mean, I HAVE travelled to the UK after all.. I am not completely ignorant of the wonders and sophistication of the old world.  Heh- That reminds me- our aseos, water closet that is, at the hotel has a bidet. Heh. A 4 star hotel in civilization, indeed.

I am completely upset with with internet access here. All the free access is severely limited. Severely. I won’t get much- any blogging done until after my trip. But I see the beneficial result of this handicap: very few people are sitting at the numerous cafes with their faces buried in glowing devices. There is much socializing in real life. There is much drinking and relaxed feelings shlopping everywhere. I keep looking around wondering who WORKS around here? No one seems stressed out. I mean NO ONE. The old folks are total grumps, but that’s a different story.

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