Oh Humidity, Bane of Summer!

So here I am, landed in the depths of the Brooklyn and sitting in an oven apartment of my herbal wizard friend Irena getting my strength and wits back to myself from travels and sleep deprivations and sundry other woahs. I don’t feel culture shock, at least. I will save that for L.A. 😉
I still want to sleep. One clock says 2:40. The other says 11:40.  All of me says it must be 4:00 am somewhere and all good children are fast asleep r.e.m-ing it up for a full, productive day outside of dreamland. I am caught of the border of wake and sleep. Do I trust myself to wander Brooklyn alone? In daylight?! Erm..
I think I will wait till later- when the sun is lower. It is too hot too early here and I have not felt this kind of heat in a long time; whether it be artificial or natural. This is a treat to be so uncomfortable in heat for a time. Then I can go back to Rosarito Beach at sunset and welcome to cool air of the great Pacific with more appreciation. The body and mind needs changes- even though I feel like I am dying all the time… some deaths can be welcomed (vampires can agree).

Tonight, when I hope to feel more like myself, I will try to see a performance at CAVE by Moeno Wakamatsu.
There is this festival on.. you know… and I’m performing.. you know… 😉

…I hope this feels more like a holiday than a working holiday while I am here.


Bring on the herbs, my witchy friend
To chill the nerves
That make the mind bend

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