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My life isn’t all doom and misery all the time! Honest it isn’t! (For a slog through my personal hell see: previous blog entries about health issues that go back a few years)

To prove bad luck isn’t the only thing grinning at me with Cheshire whites, I’m going to start a little a string of blog posts (a bloglet, if you will) all about my trip to San Miguel de Allende in an attempt to entertain, inform, and hopefully start bringing in some coin. 

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My blog had gotten so depressing that I didn’t want to advertise that I was writing about my dark times. I couldn’t imagine asking people to top up the tip jar for content so negative and bonkers as I was putting out.

But, after taking out an entire organ from my body, things have started improving. 

And then an opportunity for me to travel while not being so sick presented itself:

I had worked on a little animation with Hugo Crosthwaite that made it into a a couple of film festivals this year.

First, it got into an LA film festival where it won for best sound!

Imaging that? Me. A laurel winning sound designer.  

Then this now award winning film was chosen for final selection in the Guanajuato International Film Festival as well! 

So Hugo and I used the film festival as an excuse to visit the very colonial, very pueblo magico San Miguel de Allende for a week.

Plenty has been documented about this gringo-est of all the places in Mexico, but I want to share my take on it. 

I hope you can tune in! 

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Thanks in advance!

GIFF Showing in July!

GIFF? What’s a GIFF?

It’s the Guanajuato International Film Festival.

A short film that I worked on with Hugo Crosthwaite will be showing three different nights in three different locations in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico as part of this GIFF- tastic festival!

If you are in Leon , San Miguel de Allende, or Irapuato July 21, 24, or 28- chequalo!

Check out all the information here!

I can’t show you the film itself, but this is the little introduction we put together for the festival; of which, I am very proud of –


Summer started and is having fun with my already questionable circadian cycles. 

But before I start complaining about not enough sleep-

Am I better from the thing yet? 

Getting there. I guess. Week four post surgery seems to have been a turning point. 

For the first time in perhaps months, I had real energy go go out and do things. One matcha drink and I was able to get through a whole day without wanting to kill myself for my inability to function. That’s progress! 

So while I am trying to understand myself as a well person- if indeed I am well; I am trying to catch up on things that I have left sitting there. For example-

This is a .gif I started to make for St. Patrick’s day and put together a finished product now at the end of June. Yeesh. I’m just in time for… St. Plutarco. Yay, Plutarch.

It’s nothing spectacular, but getting something done is a reason to celebrate… or so I am told. 

I will have to celebrate by taking a nap. Two naps maybe.