Summer started and is having fun with my already questionable circadian cycles. 

But before I start complaining about not enough sleep-

Am I better from the thing yet? 

Getting there. I guess. Week four post surgery seems to have been a turning point. 

For the first time in perhaps months, I had real energy go go out and do things. One matcha drink and I was able to get through a whole day without wanting to kill myself for my inability to function. That’s progress! 

So while I am trying to understand myself as a well person- if indeed I am well; I am trying to catch up on things that I have left sitting there. For example-

This is a .gif I started to make for St. Patrick’s day and put together a finished product now at the end of June. Yeesh. I’m just in time for… St. Plutarco. Yay, Plutarch.

It’s nothing spectacular, but getting something done is a reason to celebrate… or so I am told. 

I will have to celebrate by taking a nap. Two naps maybe. 

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