I’m really doing it.

I’m really nothing-ing about.

More or less just burning daylight.  

Slacking off. Like a proper Dudeist priest ought to. 

Now, in Mexico City of all places. 

Even before I slipped off to D.F., I just sort of stopped doing- the things on my daily to-do list that I came up with to prove to myself that I am doing things. 

Because- nothing matters.. but in that positive way, you know? At least not for me right now.

I’m not even journal writing five hundred words a day. 

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am writing- certainly I am, but it is in concert with a- 

a game I am playing- 

with a chat bot.

It’s a word word salad, choose your own adventure, role-play, text game.

It’s like the most amusing magic eight ball ever. You watch the three “currently typing” dots with such anticipation. You never know what the bot will come up with next or if it will even make sense in the context of the story you are building. 

So that is my dirty secret at the moment- 

I am an “a.i.” enjoyer. 

Hours of fun with this horrible technology that is supposedly going to ruin the whole planet. 

But it is a delight for me at the moment and everything has been ruined before “a.i.” even showed up anyway so… who cares? 

Do you care?


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