What is the hottest thing in Mexico City anyway, huh?

Well, you will disagree with me instantly I’m sure, but I am going to go out on a weird wire and say that power lines top my list for hot things in DF.

They are… art. Full stop.

Looking up at all the copious cables in orderly albeit often disconcerting lines only to then have your eye land hard and disbelieving on wrapped, looped, tangled masses… It does something for me in a way that is impossible to explain. It is terribly engaging, in an awfully absurd way.

I wonder if the ‘grid guys’ have the same feelings… Certainly they can’t just hate it, right? Otherwise they would be running wires in a different way, right? 

What ever the logic or illogic involved, I bless them for their particular contribution to the aesthetic of the city. 

I joked that I would eventually make a calendar of the ‘sexiest’ power lines. Would anyone want this? Or am I the only human with such unusual tastes- and humor?

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