A frosted eye look because I am from a snow place. A hibernation instinct is hitting me hard this month and of course custom won’t let me follow my animal nature so…There is no snow, but talk of skiing in Aspen at the Crosthwaite family gathering. Sparklers and coffee in hand we braved the night […]


Hormonal imbalances. Ant invasions. Spiders. Stuffy home office. Floral scented bug bomb spray. Fans blowing dust. Bookkeeping work. Theory of Everything lectures. New music. Chocolate and nuts. Barking dogs. Mopping the floors. Making brunch. Archetypes. Washing dishes. Website updates. Travel planning. Moldy bread loaves. Rotten avocados. New season preparation. Termites. Vitamins and supplements.  Slow internet. Free weights. […]