Morelia Travel Mini Series: Traveling with Anxiety

First of all,  I am giving myself a 【g**d*****】shiny GOLD MEDAL for traveling via airplane and public taxi- in the Americas- during a plague.  Why should simple travel be award worthy?  A҉  N҉  X҉  I҉  E҉  T҉  Y҉ Putting aside the other ailments that shape my outlook on life, I’m going focus on the pandemic anxiety that […]

Morelia Travel Mini Series: The Intro

Hey everyone! I did something really stupid this year! I traveled to the south of Mexico for a week during a pandemic! Welcome to my Morelia Travel Mini Series of blog posts.  Over the next when-ever-I-can-bring-myself-to-do-its,  I will publish posts about spending late October – the beginning of November 2020 in the lovely, historic Morelia. […]