cam shot of blog post author glaring at camera. the image is in pink and blue duotone.

January. New western year. 

Same shit. Sick once more.

I am writing post fever while still gritting though blooms of joint and muscle pain erupting everywhere in  my body.

Thanks to all non-compliant, reproachable, selfish, doorknob lickers out there, I most likely have contracted COVID-19-omicron. And I get a bonus extra special prize! I’m having my period! 

So, I have this sentiment to relate- I think you are perhaps adult enough to deal with it- I will not apologize either-

Sand. Fuck. All. Of. You. 

I will try to look forward to the Tiger’s teeth of February. This month is dead to me. Just more dead time. More time lost to being sick. More wasting of the body and mind. 

Mediocrity and suffering are the order of these days. And I am impotent rage; with relentless chin hairs.

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