We find ourselves into the next Gregorian year. How is it for you so far? I feel a new energy around me these days. January, though Janus is looking both ways, has an actual seeming of freshness for me. Janus can look back all he wants, but I have turned my face from the recent past. Last year was a cursed time. I have very little to say about it that is pleasant. I did not even do a recounting of the events of the year, as so many like to do.  For me, it served no purpose to look back at myself in the throws of depression and anger. All I want to remember is being in Spain. That is a fine enough summation of all that was good in my 2014. 
Since, oh, about October I have been trying to bring myself to write a blog post worth the publishing. I have started several writing attempts then found myself distracted on all fronts and so unmoved by the writing that I do not bother posting.
I mean, I have had many little adventures to relate and I have been presented plenty of ire ridden material to work with, but no captivating words form. I have been taking Spanish class; I have been in protest marches; I was locked in the local gym with Hugo when they closed for the night while we were in the showers and we had to escape through the window (lamest parkour ever); i will be going to Mexico City for the first time at the end of the month; I have a performance coming up next month-
How to write about it all when you are ‘ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrargh?’ How to even post images when in that state? 
I have no answers.
So it’s been quiet, while the endorphins from regular trips to the gym work their magic. 
Hugo and I were smart enough to start our New Years resolution at the end of last year. We got over the hump of creating a new routine and have started the year looking forward to better functioning bodies. Say what you will about gyms, but physically challenging yourself with simple machines does have its benefits. I can’t believe I have gone on so long without working on balancing out my muscles.
Lest we forget- Staying active is great and lifting heaving things is also great too! 
I should add, Natural chemical highs aren’t the cure for everything. Having a purpose and respected place in life is a big boost as well. I have had enough of reexploring ignominious invisibility. Being a ghost is for the dead who have no ambitions. 
I sincerely hope that 2015 brings a positive change of fortune to everyone out there who has been struggling with their own particular devils.
If you have already experienced changes for the better or what ever, leave a comment on this blog or Facebook. 

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