Summer has brought a carnival and three circuses- circi to Rosarito.
It has also brought in a time of near complete mental vacation mode for My Human and myself.
After making a social appearance at the art|baja tijuana -Casa GS, and being crammed in with a swarm of SoCal art people (the beautiful people),
becoming a lurker around comicon  has risen to high priority on our get stuff done list. Lurking, as you should know, does not in any way mean entering into that zoo with an i.d. badge (ear-tag for the herd) so please do not ask me to obtain autographs or ask which new movie trailers we saw- or what the latest themed outfit for your dogs are this season. They seem to have enough zombie-like followers to keep this ziggurat afloat. Go ask one of them. What? Too many mixed metaphors and pop/historical references? Deal with it. I am not giving money to that monstrous corporate fest- ahem, why would PETCO have a booth at a COMIC CONVENTION?

Off on an amusing side note (because this is how my summer brain is working), here comment was allowed through the security filters on my website and was waiting for my approval:

It’s like Xu Meng head fiercely poured cold water. Xu Union will be more deep resentment can imagine, he stared fiercely a full Feng Ting Liu Yiyi chest, eyes can not wait to dig into from the cleavage of the last helpless sigh, talk about a girlfriend so tired even point Consolation not give. Thanks to his endurance. Otherwise, early yellow.

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