So I walk away. When the birds chirping outside of the window put me on edge- I know I have to do something… else. I put all of my work aside (that was making me cry too). I go for a long, long walk from one end of Rosarito Beach to the other and all the way back to my hovel by way of the main road. Maybe 6 miles all together. 
Did it clear my head? Yeah, I think I put my dopamine level up to a point where I can enjoy watching Seven and wonder about making a performance art piece with these bags of Cheetos that I spotted in the Smart & Final that were so big, I could have gotten in one of them! Can you imagine?! 3 kg of Cheetos.. All that orange pseudo cheese..
It would be amazing! BTW – This is my idea! If you steal this idea, you had better do a really fab performance with it!

muted palate
it’s nothing like Ireland
This sunshine

Does the light of day  really make you better?

The desire to go out and get so high off the radiation,
The processing of vitamin D
That all your emotional baggage seems to jerk to leathery bits
That you can give to the dog to chew on for fun
But does that really resolve anything?
The dog will vomit it all up in your face later
With blotches and shrivels and cancers
So what then has been the good of it?

modern coveman art

MOXSES on the rockses

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