Daniel Murtagh  June 2012

All kinds of ‘poisons’ coursed through my body when I stepped on a rusted nail not so long ago this month.

They say you can’t feel those things, but my experiences in a human body have shown me contrary. When I was administered an immunization shot in grade school, I had to sit for the rest of the day distracted by the throb of toxins and the production anti-bodies. Maybe it was my over-active imagination making a big deal of such microscopic things, but then, remember, people have died on account of such little things and I am sure they did not imagine themselves to death. I was not over dramatic enough to think that I, myself, was dying, but the sovereign state of my being was compromised by tiny barbarians and how is a person supposed to carry on like nothing is different?
I am grateful to have the learning experience of fighting and defeating such formidable enemies, but a human being cannot be  shot through with new kinds of information and take the processing of it so lightly. The body and the brain are very connected, but they each have their own speed and ways of doing things. All kinds of team work and negotiations and compromising go on the in universe of the human machine.

For me, and my level of awareness (as that level dips and rises) nothing about being a human is simple. Right down to the replication of DNA!
Can we ever attain Self Awareness when the Self is billions of individuals? Can we be aware of all within? No. Not really.
This is why I think humans are jokes. Miracles, sure. But jackass comedy all the same.
And I hate the way human-centric sci-fi (Star Trek anyone?) drivels on and on about the potential of mankind and how we have to survive because of all the good we are capable of doing, of how amazing we are… ha! Amazing clowns. We do everything ass- backwards. All the reports I hear in the news are of how we go about everything without logic.. even without emotion.. we just go like brutes. Even animals have more sense. Yet we are sentient and special. If that were so.. oh if that we so… I wouldn’t want to kill half the people in Brooklyn.

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