Everyone can see it…

America. A self- appointed, over-grown, lubricated facilitator. A thing that can easily be removed. Like the itchy tags on the team uniforms that are not made in America. 

Michelle L Magario
how pitiful is it that the USA Olympic Team uniforms are made in China–seriously????? this is so wrong!!!!!
    • Lisa Wells Martz SO very wrong!!!! What can we American’s not make our own uniforms???? Are we incompetent or are we just charging ourselves too much?? Stupid.
    • Malcolm Andrew Whale the same in the uk michelle ,,we are hosting the games and yet the british kit is being made in low economies in the east,,,,,its caused uproar over here,,x
    • Michelle L Magario It is a very sad state when our own country is not given the opportunity to cloth our own athletes. There is simply no excuse for outsourcing something like this. It is just unforgivable!!!! Sorry to hear you guys are dealing with the same embarrassment. It should not be this way!!!

    • Malcolm Andrew Whale michelle its a western world crisis to me,,we are sending all our manufactuing production abroad thus resulting in job losses and major unemployment,,,then the very companies who are transferring our national skills abroad then wonder why people have stopped purchasing throught the retail outlets,,ummm when people have no jobs as they are all in china poland and india its pretty straight forward really.
    • Darlene Shooski Donofrio pretty straight forward Malcolm and really what is wrong with this world..and all of our economies…

    • Malcolm Andrew Whale i work in the aerospace industry darlene and all our maching processes are being shifted to china and india,,,we have offices full of computers and shirted guys,,yet the machines and the skilled workforce is shrinking,,,,skills lost forever,,,

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