The world around me is in Hi-Def once again. This image is not.

For those of you who don’t know the semi-blind experience:
There is nothing like having your good pair of glasses snap in two beyond the repair of even duct tape. You are forced to become more aware of the ‘other’ eyes that you have. You learn to see though memory when so much of what is around you ceases to have definite shape / line. And oh, seeing through memory does not make things more beautiful. The idea is lovely, but just try it. If you have fuzzy memory, you are screwed. It will take you 20 minutes to find the wallet that you did not place in its usual place, though it in still in ‘plain sight.’
Then dealing with people. That is awkward. People’s eyes blur to smudges and you can’t help feeling a profound unfairness of being seen without seeing in return… so there is just no seeing eye to eye with the people you pass on the street or the neighbor next door. They may wave and say hello, but it is very difficult to tell if an apple pie or a shotgun is underneath the greeting. Add to that a language barrier and the whole middle-distant world and beyond goes xeno{ξένος}. I have learned that I am a very frustrated unit when incoming visual data is not clear enough. It is a complete hindrance to my job as a watcher– and I have enough faulty wiring to deal with as it is!
In short, if you have your eyes intact and full functional, be thankful for them. If you have glasses, show the object some love. And don’t break ’em.

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