{no party?}

This year there was no Feast of the Three Kings party en la casa. Not really.
There was a cake; oh, certainly there was a rosca. The night before Jan 6th, Hugo and I picked one up, freshly made, from El Molino in Tijuana. The check out line went around the store. It was incredible to see an armed security guard at a bakery- as if a cake riot could break out any moment. As if we are in such desperate times… Hm… Well, once our rosca was selected and paid for, we ceremoniously walked it through the streets to the taxi stand. After the ride to Rosarito we left it safe and sound on the dining room table.
The next morning, I went off to Spanish class expecting to come home to a late afternoon gathering of family with cake and red wine, but when I got back almost half of the ring was already gone! I was disappointed; yeah, a bit annoyed at being left out. It was not proper. On the other hand, for better or worse, I did not cut a piece with a Jesus figurine inside it! For whatever that means…
(I am certainly not buying anyone tamales!)
I had wanted to believe that finding the figurine in the cake was however you interpreted it. They always claim that it is a good thing. It’s supposed to just mean that you host a party; and that is taken as either a tedious obligation or another excuse to party with friends. I wanted to give a positive spin on things. I really did. But each time.. I swear, no good came of it. Ever. I have three figurines! Two from last year alone. And guess which year was the worst for me?
If I know anything from fairytales and such, I have a feeling that they always tell you (emphatically even) that it is good fortune to find the figures in the rosca because the reality is exactly the opposite. They use reverse logic so they don’t even bring the evil upon themselves, by talking negatively about the finding of the figurine.
Maybe it is just  an evil for outlander gringas. I don’t know, but this year has already been very different than the last and me not finding a figure seems more like good luck.

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