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Are you ready to welcome the longest night (northern hemisphere) / day (southern hemisphere)?

It’s December 21st, if you’ve been confused by the rest of the holidays during this general time of year.

I know, there are several to keep track of.

What ever you are celebrating this season do it with gusto. There’s this Spanish guy called Al.. Al Gusto..

It’s a bilingual pun… # sorry not sorry

And so while you and Al Gusto get along famously, I would like to also wish everyone awe.

At least one moment of it. Some awe.  Yes. Awesome.

Be in awe that you have lived in your body long enough to witness such times-

Such injustice.

Such brilliance.

Such mediocrity.

Such loss.

Such exuberant joy – (Because there was that one time… Remember it?)

Look at those around you with a sense of awe.

Remember those who came before and those who traveled ahead of you with awe.

Be in awe of knowing they are not gone for the hints of them left with you. 

Be in awe of your slow steps and setbacks along your path.

Be in awe of how much work you put in and how it paid off in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

Be in awe of the dark spots that work to highlight the glitter bits, and vice versa.

To sparkle means to fluctuate between light and dark.

Reality scintillates. So do you.


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