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The ants.. I rid the house in Mexico of ants, but then found them invading in the much more tidy and carpeted San Diego home The Human and I went up to house sit last week. I am surprised I am not having dreams of the ants… Instead, I have a very vivid and emotional charged dream of young men with guns on the street… I was shot at by one of them.. he was kind of aiming for my head… yep. Pleasant dreams.

I can blame the movie that was blaring on the telly. It was all in Brazilian and yet somehow my subconscious translated it with an amazing degree of accuracy- Human gave me a rundown of the movie to confirm that I had, in fact, understood a movie that was in a foreign language while I was asleep. 
But yes, I went up to San Diego and up, up twice to L.A.
L.A. = Ethiopian fooood! I revisited my fav spot in Little Ethiopia for a welcomed stomach disturbance of epic roundness. As I said before, this is one reason I will not destroy the whole place.
Oh, and there was interesting art in the smaller galleries (see: img no.1). Yes, it wasn’t all overly conceptual crap. We were going to catch an event at The Hammer (Museum) but grievously, the music was so loud and the people so fashionable and I so exhausted, I took a nap in the parking garage beneath their feet.. wherein a man called me a bitch for being in a car parked awkwardly. Thank you passive-aggressive tendencies. I will stick to my aggressive- passivity. That little word flip makes a world of difference.
All week I was offline and in sunshine. (Against my deepest will.) I suffered all of the SoCal gawking, scoffing at me like I was a movie star in disguise because I wore bug shades and a head wrap. Some did call me a model.. which is truth, but then, have they ever SEEN models?! Even the Arab women looked at me funny. For they all were dressed kinda the same way, you know. But for sure I don’t look like anyone famous enough to be in hiding. Who else has this nose?! 
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0c3an b3ach
Humans when they gawk- Insipid! Utterly boorish! WTQ! Leave me alone. You are all near naked hairless apes and far more sexy and desirable than this dark plague on all your houses. I could bear it if the gazes that fell upon me held intelligence, wit, something edifying behind it.. the people are found sorely wanting. 
Hum. I thought I was going to be a bum around the house we were supposed to be sitting.
So I could do the work that I get paid for. Or do the work that don’t get paid for.
But no- after all the driving. Driving. And more driving. Balanced with walking.. and more walking. I found I was too weary to do anything. Even writing.  So now it’s all apologies groaned out in a Cobain-esque way to all the people I had been ignoring and get back on the stick with my computer work.
I will have to put off the compositions that I was forming… there is some poetry that will come out of this last trip! With coffee and Controy, I am coming around in a relaxed type manner, however, y’all will just have to wait a bit before there is any of that publishing nonsense.

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