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San Miguel Market. It was disgusting on a few levels. I was overwhelmed. At once attracted by interesting options and presentations of food and drink, and repelled by the people milling blithely around the cramped space. I hated the effect it had on me- basically inducing a panic attack. Oh, bless my general anxiety disorder.

I found I had a much better time sitting on the curb outside with the rest of the homeless beggars, eating food bought on the cheap from a nearby grocery store. 
We did grab a few tastes though. I had a small plate aceitunas de la abuela that made me wow. I had never had their like before. I don’t know whose grandmother makes them, but surely it was not any of mine!
{the butcher, the baker and the drunkness}

I can say, if you want a really great touristy food experience, you would be better off going to one of your local friendly Museo de Jamón locations. And it isn’t even all tourists hanging around. There are plenty of the locals who pop in. This place is beautiful– says the one who does not eat much animal product. I cannot think I have ever been to a place like it to make a comparison. Pig legs hang everywhere you look and even drip cured meat sweat in summery heat. Cheeses, crispy pig skins, sliced sausage.. and then there were sweet pastry desserts… yeah, this was heaven for Don Human. The other magic thing is, if you buy a beer for 1 Euro they give you something to eat for free! A small bite, as they say: a meat and bread sandwich or olives, or chicharrones. There is no reason to go thy way starving or unhappy in Madrid.

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