This is the first week I have been in Rosarito wherein I am not wearing 5 layers of clothing to keep warm while sitting at the computer. Have any of you in the depths of winter in the north been dealing with such things? Probably not. You all have hissing, pinging, clanging, wonderful radiators in every room with a magic thermostat that gives you the power to make your home the Sahara desert at your command, if it suited you.
Since the space heater fried a couple weeks back, I haven’t even have that for relief. So it has been quite difficult to sit still and think about/deal with 1st world problems.
I have already done my share of shivering when I lived in a 1953 bread truck in Brooklyn through all the seasons (ALL of them), but it was dead easy to find a warm (hot even) spot somewhere to sit for a while.  I learned that, for delicate, bloodless me, mid to low forties was bearable, but just barely. I knew I wouldn’t die in that sort of weather, but it was not very comfortable to stay in for long periods- and try to be a productive and useful member of society. So here I have been, in a roomy house, not in a cramped vehicle, suffering through these barely tolerable temperatures. I say this house is roomy, I should also mention it is drafty, and completely backward when it comes to distributing the sun’s radiant heat- it DOESN’T. Well, not really any way. It could be a lovely 65 degrees outside and 20 degrees cooler INSIDE the house. Maybe it isn’t such an extreme difference, but my perpetually goose-pimpled body doesn’t really care for scientific exactness.
And if you are saying, well then just go out and sit in a cafe or something. Well, very few places here have any kind of climate control whatsoever and there have been few chances for me to really warm up (to the bone) except when I lay down to sleep under an electric blanket or take that occasional hot shower. And I for one cannot telecommute while in the shower!
I must add that taking walks up and down the main boulevard has proved very helpful in keeping warm; and staying fit; and discovering the shops in town! A closet sized boutique of a shop opened up at the far end of town where they sell homemade natural treats like this tasty spread.
{ I will leave it up to y’all to translate the composition of the substance. 🙂 }
So as the weather here has taken a turn for the better, I am feeling a little less oppressed- under the weather- at the mercy of it!
Now I can think beyond basic necessity, beyond the simple words that I have kept close to my heart: MOVE OR DIE.

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