colorful Mexican trompo

This is going to be a simple post to start off with. 
I’ll just throw at you a string of photos- in no particular order- that don’t even scratch the surface of how amazing it was to be in a Mexican colonial city. Especially after I’ve spent the bulk my time in Mexico in a place that hasn’t been settled for very long. So, I luhurved– ahem- loved being there. The layers of preserved history were just singing at me as soon as I got within the city limits. I mean, there are buildings dating from the 1500s! How could I not be taken in? 

proest graffiti scrawled across a historic building
graffiti that is actually important
protest graffiti in Spanish
if only the ‘boy’s clubs’ of Mexico would listen
man climbs down scaffolding erected inside a cathedral
roof repairs in a colorful cathedral
a tree scared from lightening with Mexican colonial facade in background
a lightening strike
locks of hair, notes, photos, etc hung on a peg board
large skull drawn in white chalk on the stones of the courtyard of a 16th century convent
day of the dead skull
yellow and black butterfly resting on an iron fence
ubiquitous butterfly
a night shot of a motorcycle parked in front of a shoe shop with an open door with a large face of a black cat painted around it. there are a pile of papers in the foreground.
this curious composition
red, round clay lanterns hanging from trees with green leaves. One tree is without leaves.
clay lanterns
empty street corner at night under a bright moon with clouds
before the full moon
red sculpture of a male and female standing on boxes with boxes around them
a work by Javier Marin, one of Mexico’s best fine arts sculptors
four kittens on the windowsill of an old stone building. the window is barred by iron and boarded up.
these kittehs
mop hung on window bars to dry
the stone benches are from 1500 something, the mop is from this morning

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