colorful Mexican trompo

This is going to be a simple post to start off with. 
I’ll just throw at you a string of photos- in no particular order- that don’t even scratch the surface of how amazing it was to be in a Mexican colonial city. Especially after I’ve spent the bulk my time in Mexico in a place that hasn’t been settled for very long. So, I luhurved– ahem- loved being there. The layers of preserved history were just singing at me as soon as I got within the city limits. I mean, there are buildings dating from the 1500s! How could I not be taken in? 

graffiti that is actually important

if only the ‘boy’s clubs’ of Mexico would listen
roof repairs in a colorful cathedral

roof repairs in a colorful cathedral
a lightening strike
day of the dead skull
ubiquitous butterfly
this curious composition
clay lanterns
before the full moon
a work by Javier Marin, one of Mexico’s best fine arts sculptors
these kittehs
the stone benches are from 1500 something, the mop is from this morning

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