happy skull
happy knife
adorable ceremonial weapons? yes, please.
escandon- rooftop view
view of escandon from the roof of our rental house.
soldiers vs. giant flag
soldiers in the Zocalo wrestle the flag down.
furling the flag for the night.
mexican pomp
the national flag paraded to off to bed.
interactive art
artwork being stoned. how could you not want to throw rocks at famous people’s artwork?
looing up
what you can see when you look up.
cafe colors
yeah, I got this mug.

A set of three images (not mine) of the mural work in San Ildefonso.

not my image
the ‘mother arm’ – you are doing it wrong.
not my image
elitists do look disgusting like this- but on the inside.
not my image
and there is this bit of truth.

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