Hormonal imbalances. Ant invasions. Spiders. Stuffy home office. Floral scented bug bomb spray. Fans blowing dust. Bookkeeping work. Theory of Everything lectures. New music. Chocolate and nuts. Barking dogs. Mopping the floors. Making brunch. Archetypes. Washing dishes. Website updates. Travel planning. Moldy bread loaves. Rotten avocados. New season preparation. Termites. Vitamins and supplements.  Slow internet. Free weights. Misty beach. No rain. Hanging laundry out to dry. Dueling circi. Fuzzy eyesight. Customer service. Nightly walks. Toenail fungus. Small drawings. Artistic blocks. Neuromuscular disturbances. Not enough money. Traffic. Horsemen. Mexican cable. Tap-water smells like shit. A whole string of in-jokes. Love. 



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Make good art. Or else.