{ bright the eye }

This week was a lost one. So much time went to dealing with Mexican Independence Day celebrations during a  heatwave. It was like early July all over again. Except more uncomfortable.  I lost writings because the electronics couldn’t deal with the temperatures in the house. My work laptop kept overheating.
I tried to go with it; make the most of the whole experience. I mean, ‘magic’ is supposed to happen when you are forced out of your comfort zone… meh.
My thoughts get a little ahead of circumstance now that the heat has had it’s run. I roll my eyes at the prospect of  wearing gloves and winter coat inside… I might officially hate this house…
So some of this writing that I lost was another version this very blog post. It was going to be all about the parade. Oh the parade- let me start again about the parade.
Preparations started well before the start of it.
I mean there were these kiddy hit squads that got together right out front and began doing their drills at like 7:30am.  Mexicans have enough fervor for pageantry to get them up so early!? They probably hadn’t bothered to practice all summer and were trying to make up for it. So I was up, and there was drumming and trumpeting and no way to get back to sleepland. The was is shut, people.
Human wanted to go out to get pictures of the people and said he was going to bring back an energy drink… he returned at about 1pm empty handed. So I was in wait mode the whole damn time. I made an effort to find him out on the street. I just got so many uncomfortable looks, I gave up and stayed at the gate. From there, it seemed like this parade formed everywhere on the boulevard at once.
They stalled until 11am or so because all the ranchers showed up late like the divas they are. Yeah, even the military came rolling up late in their pixel desert camo, and the antique cars are ever impressive,  but it was the ranchers that took the spotlight. I knew they were gathering. I saw them trickling to the back of the line up. I just had no idea there would be so many.
My sleep deprived brain could not even count the number of horses. I don’t think I have ever seen so many horses together at one time here. My modern suburban/urban, sleep deprived brain all too aware that it was perceiving a rare thing. And for that, I went into the house when it was over and actually sobbed a bit. Second to needing proper rest, I think I need to invest in a better camera… or a good lense…

{ drilling while we wait. and wait }

{ all going the the wrong directions }

{ today’s make-believe playtime theme: arrested }

{ Estrella- nervous at the gate }

{ not painting it black. painting it viva }

{ so many things happening here }

{ marvelous nonsense }

{ making a stand against the ‘big dogs’  }

{ bikes ain’t got nuthin’ over horses }

{ yes. that is all beer. }

{ classic ‘ew fingers,’ but on horseback }

{ fresa ranchers }

{ thee parade queen }

{ interactions }

{ just wow }

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