The other blue corn

I don’t know why this food stuff called huitlcoche is being relegated to the general category of ‘the weird crap that foreign people eat’ in a few of the blogs that I have glanced through just now…
As if frozen chicken nuggets you deep fry aren’t weird crap that foreign people eat… 
(You all go ahead and consider that deeply for a moment…) 
I just went to the local Wal{oligopoly}mart and found huitlcoche there with the rest of the weird fungi crap that everyone eats- or avoids- without question. I was attracted by the paleness, blue/ black color and made an impulse buy.
(So, what do your impulses lead you toward? Mere self-indulgences? Further understanding of the ‘other?’ Self destruction?) 
I ate some for lunch today and yeah my body is wondering what to do with it. I have never eaten such a thing before. I’m not sick to my stomach, but kind of dizzy… I do feel strange.  And the strange feeling passes as I give myself time to digest my meal. I don’t know what it means, but no one has died from eating huitlcoche so I am not too worried.

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