I am so very fortunate to have been able to travel to NYC twice in one summer! This is madhattery with the income I have. But that is the way I have been doing everything since stumbling out into this modern world. Scared senseless about all the tiny details and blundering onward.

More travel was intended this year but nothing more is on the horizon now. The slate wiped clean again. I am back in Baja regrouping, getting over a cold (thanks Dan), buried in virtual piles office work, and trying to find new daydreams to follow through with. Move or Die echos in my under-hearing.
And oh yes, you should have seen me go from zero (chills, body aches, feverish mental state) to frelling pissed off like a rutting stag at an all male review ready to gore anything that moves funny. I probably just generated a cancer in the process… but there it went.. this rage.. ripping me right out of the duuuh. And why? Well I don’t know why it was so intense but I was supposed to be convalescing peacefully and there are how many emails in my inbox to address!? plus a meeting to postpone, plus several editing tasks I can’t finish… plus this movie with everyone in Korea screaming in Korean (what else?), plus tuneless whistle sounds pouring loudly out of the studio, plus the dog barking; all adding up to create a zesty headache blend of I am going to kill everyone! So in about three hours, I broke out of my fever almost completely. Thank you once again, Dark Side of the Force.
What balanced me out was the dream I had that night. My subconscious- or other friendly spirits out there, reminded me that it is still a group effort and not everything is on my shoulders all the time. We do pull together for a greater good. And screw you Ayn Rand.

But none of that was the point.
Optimistic daydreaming was the point. Let’s get on with more of that.
Cargo freighters going where?…

Smelly ear snot.

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