The gorgeous weather couldn’t last (as I knew it wouldn’t) so today the weather is crappy and my planned trip across the boarder has been delayed. I have been waiting two weeks or so for this jaunt; apparently, looks like it will have to wait even longer- til Monday… Hum.

In the meanwhile, let me tell you about Chapultepec.

Fuimos caminando en las Lomas de Chapultepec y es mejor caminar allí que en las Lomas de Beverly. Esta es mi opinion, por su puesto.

On two different occasions, my Human and I have been able to celebrate  a few days of some early Spring/Summer weather by taking hardcore strolls through the  more ritzy parts of Tijuana. This particular area of the city was where all the gangster related violence was happening a few years ago. But that isn’t why the strolls are hardcore. Now, there is a quiet in the hills, fresh air, pizza bike deliveries, construction crews remodeling homes and folks in vehicles zipping along the wild curvy roads. These are some fantastic hills to walk- if you are up to the challenge of fighting gravity. And being alert to motorists. The inclines are intense most of the way and we would see the road stretching every more steeply before us then jokingly  call for our Sherpa to carry us the rest of the way. 
{Thanks to The Onion we know that Sherpas are super beings!}
Forgive me the lame photos- I was not able to catch any really stunning shots of the imaginative architecture or the expansive views with my camera… the power of the wide lens is not with me. 

Also. Cafe De La Flor. {Food Happiness.}

If you come visit, You will eat here. And you will like it. 
We pit-stopped at this cafe and had amazing food to fuel our walking excursions. 

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