A simple bus ride north of the capital city can be a dangerous thing in Mexico. Not because of bandits, but bad drivers. On the way to our destination, we witnessed a flipped car and a person pinned beneath it- perhaps dead. How did the car flip? We could barely guess. Probable death notwithstanding, we arrived […]

The old papers

Back before we were all bathed in glowy, glow of 0110111101101110011001010111001100100000011000010110111001100100001000000111101001100101011100100110111101110011 we were bathed in mangled trees; lignocellulosic fibrous material; paper. Hard copy.  My parents sent me a box of personal history in the mail awhile back and I have been looking through it a little bit here and there. Scraps of stories, dream diaries, poem fragments: the work […]