Vivid dreaming this morning

I was driving a mini-van going in to Manhattan. The sliding door of the minivan would not close. While there was traffic congestion, I left the wheel to try to close it, but could not. There were wires running from some gadgets to an antenna suction stuck to the roof of the van. I cannot remember why it was there and I could not get if off while in the thick of traffic and there was no where to pull off before I entered one of the tunnels. Right at the entrance of the tunnel there were medics with stretchers. No ambulances blocking the way but and lots of stretchers lined up along the tunnel wall… lots like more than 4. And I saw young children laying on most them. They all had something obviously wrong with their faces. Most were in bloody bandages, but some were not. Like there were not enough supplies to go around. My conclusion from the ghastly sight was that the faces had been chemically burned off. I could see bone, teeth,  empty eye sockets. And I could only just drive by. Little bodies made the movements of agony, but there was no sounds of screaming. There were no shouts from the medics or other drivers. It was tense, but not panicked. It was quiet. The tunnel was not even shut down.. And I went right through to wakefulness. 

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