I HATE The Walking Dead
Yo (este flaca  blanca gringa) vi la pelicula Guerra Mundial Zen Tijuana con mi familia Mexicana.. erm-
There were a couple of rowdy groups of youngsters in the theater and I thought this was going to be a totally disastrous waste of my life.
Fortunately for my positive karmic levels, the movie was sufficiently captivating enough to silence the foolish movie goers, who perhaps were too ready for a straight up horror movie; ready to scream and squeal at all the appropriate fright queues.
What I saw in World War Z, en da Englishez, was a compilation of notes taken from a list of other movies the filmmakers must have enjoyed:
I saw the epic scale from LOTR; the family unity dynamic from Signs (child with asthma anyone?); a certain kind of sensitivity from the recent disaster film The Impossible (I implore: go see this one- bring tissues. It brings the blubbering out of everybody.); the goofy espionage tactics of Argo; unexpected character deaths from films like Hurt Locker and Psycho; the globetrotting and body crunching of the newer James Bondfilms; a  great G.I. Jane shout out; of course, obviously, 28 Days Later influences… Oh, and though it is not in the film medium, just throw in some BioShock problem solving for good measure.
I’m making conjectures about that list here but, wherever they grabbed their inspirations from, the final product brought the audience into a universe that was a thrill to become involved in. No matter how uncomfortable the situation, you somehow didn’t mind being there.  (Prometheus failed to meet this criterion.)
Brad Pitt’s character sustained throughout as a comforting presence: a father figure doling out the hurt like a mo’fo’ while still being sympathetic enough to wince along with when the smack downs land on his ass.
I think we all had a fun romp-along with a likeable protagonist, if I may speak for my companions as well. It was not an after school Life Time women’s drama special (with ‘the more you know’ star and rainbow) like The Walking Dead– for which I cannot suspend my disbelief, not whatsoever. Not know-how.
From the outset, I do not care if the world becomes one democratic nation of undead ‘zekes’ with liberty and justice for all or rot, I mean not. I am not intrigued by the implications of global zombie-dom or by this zombie-mania that has caught everyone up in its festering clutches.
I am bias AGAINST the lot of it so for me to say I enjoyed this movie is saying quite a bit.

“You know, sometimes I even amaze myself.”

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