New Feet, New Year

  Put your best foot forward.  That would be my left one. Yeah. I actually know which is my best foot…   I had hoped December would have been more of a month of reflection. It’s just been another month of tackling challenges.  I’ve started in early on a resolution to have pretty, princessy feet for […]

Scintillating Awe

{photo: google search- scintillate events} Are you ready to welcome the longest night (northern hemisphere) / day (southern hemisphere)? It’s December 21st, if you’ve been confused by the rest of the holidays during this general time of year. I know, there are several to keep track of. What ever you are celebrating this season do […]

New Orleans: Working & Vacationing-ish

{outside of Tipitina’s there was this communal work of art: a staple and flyer encrusted telephone pole} I am still processing what I experienced in New Orleans. And I’m jet / time change – lagged. So I’m not really processing. I’m just tired and coffee compensation is giving me a headache. Maybe I am trying not […]