Summer 2017 is not any time to rest.

August continues to prove itself a busy month.

I have teamed up with Hugo Crosthwaite again for another project called Tijuana Bible that has me creating more stop motion shorts. What? More? Yes! I’ve already done a couple for his IN MEMORIAM project. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can check  the ‘Tube. These new videos will be at least five minutes in length, and will not be published to the internet. They will be shown in galleries. Like proper art.

Besides this behind the scenes work, I was offered a part in an indie film: Ana Who They Pulled Out Of The River. It will be interesting to be on film as an actual player instead of a living piece of furniture.
If you want/can, follow the film’s progress on the Insta’. Should things stay on schedule, we will be filming in the coming weeks.
I also have an improv butoh performance with Malu coming up in Ensenada on the 11th. I haven’t done a straight up improv performance in a long time now. I look forward to it!

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