{They so like masses.}

Then I was reminded about this thing that most American’s don’t know about called futbol…

I didn’t want to quit my Spain reveries before mentioning the futbol. While we were in Madrid, not only was there a prominent saintly festival, there was a championship futbol game that Real Madrid just happened to win. In the words of my Human, ‘the whole city was exploding.’ Team colors were suddenly everywhere. The police were ready for rioting and had a plan to keep all the drunken revellers funnelled, channeled and corralled. It was a madhouse, but you could navigate it without being overborne with people finding some way to make noise. After nightfall some asshats managed to set off a couple of m80s en Barrio de Las Letras where the streets are narrowest… Does anyone understand wave mechanics? the physics of sound? .. guh. La policia came quick for them.

AND. Just to make this time more surreal, we gathered that there was some kind of cosplay convention going on. We must have seen rangers or elves or hobbits or something pass us by in the dark because out of their mouth came perfect English from a meme favorite- ‘They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard.’ This made me die laughing. Head exploded, as they say.

{Quit smiling at me, bub.}

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