Lock down? Pandemic? Meh. Artist art anyway!

While I’m not as productive as I would like- wrestling and/or having tea with your inner demons does take time out of one’s day- I still do do the art things I do.

I mean, look: @asereht_tm (lolz) @mrmzther (glitch aesthetics) @hugocrosthwaite (quarantine videos)

But while the arting continues, my income is rather shoddy. And since I know you believe in me and what I am doing, and I know you don’t want to me spending all my time with my inner demons, you can help me out. Shoot me a couple of bucks once in while. (Wow! Clearly NOT vegan metaphorical slang!)

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Here’s what you can actually do:

0 Don’t shoot bucks.

1 Visit my ko-fi page by clicking the giant button link above. Or click the same button at the bottom of the page.

2 Check out my low grade lock down performances and quirky photoshop art. Wonder about it; laugh at it; cringe at it. Whatever.

3 Buy me a coffee. Or as many as you like!

I’m currently raising funds for improved/better equipment with which to create and edit digital media. Eventually, I want to get a sewing machine, too! But one thing at a time, right? Can’t be greedy, right?

Thanks for reading. Thanks for checking out the links. Thanks for supporting weird artists.

January 2022 EDIT: I finally got my sewing machine!

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